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The Application Field of WPC Integrated Housing is Expanding

Source:Dongguan Bettowood New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Published:2019-07-23

With the continuous development of wpc composite materials and the emergence of new products, the application field of wpc integrated room is developing constantly. wpc composites are processed into various profiles by extrusion. Profiles can be grooved as socket posts or solid or hollow panels as wallboards. Therefore, the construction of simple or temporary houses with wpc materials can give full play to their strengths. It can build temporary houses for earthquake relief, sales kiosks, post kiosks, temporary workshops, mobile toilets, beach and swimming pool dressing rooms or tool rooms, and military field activities rooms.

WPC houses are often constructed by splicing and assembling structures, which can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled, so some of them are called movable houses, and can also be constructed into relatively fixed ones according to needs, such as sales kiosks, post kiosks and so on. The workload of the construction is mostly completed in the factory. The installation on site is very simple and does not require high operation technology. A simple wpc house can be built in less than one day. Therefore, it is especially suitable for use in emergency situations, such as war, disaster relief and so on.

BettoWood use the light and porous wpc slabs as filling wallboard and the light steel structure is used as the frame structure of the whole house. The recovery rate of main components and interior and exterior decoration materials is over 90%. Experts from the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Science and Technology agree that the domestic advanced green low-carbon building technology. In the integrated housing system, the thermal insulation performance of Plastic-wood exterior wall has been reasonably designed, and can receive good thermal insulation effect. It can be well used in different climate areas, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. It is an advanced and applicable energy-saving housing technology system.

At present, technology has compiled standards and design atlas, with advanced and mature production technology, so that the whole house has a strong practical performance, and the product has been industrialized production, the details of the design is also very standardized, can be assembled in the field, the project cycle is very short, the whole integrated room. The cost of housing is very reasonable. It is a new type of energy-saving housing system in China. It has a lot of conditions for popularization and application.

Compared with the traditional brick and wood building, the advantages of the new building material system are irreplaceable: the wall thickness of the common brick-and-wood building is 240 mm, while that of the movable building is less than 240 mm under the same regional conditions. The indoor usable area of the plastic-wood integrated house is much larger than that of the traditional brick-concrete structure house. Each hundred square meters can save 3-5 square meters of space. The Plastic-wood integrated house has light weight, less wetland operation and shorter construction period.

Building thermal performance is good. The wall panel of integrated building is a hollow wall with plastic wood flame retardant and heat insulation. Most of the building materials used in Plastic-wood integrated houses are recyclable, degradable, low-cost and environmentally friendly. Especially the brick-concrete structure is environmentally friendly, using clay extensively, destroying the ecology and reducing the cultivated land. Therefore, the breakthrough and application of Plastic-wood integrated house in science and technology will be long-term, will change the traditional architectural mode, make the living cost of human being smaller and the living environment better. More importantly, it can play an important role in environmental protection.

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