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  • Composite WPC Guardrail Makes Our Life Safer and More Secure

    Date:2019-08-08 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    BettoWood's new guardrail is user-friendly and rounded at the corners of the armrests and columns. This guardrail has good impact resistance and can strongly resist the instantaneous destructive force in the event of an accident, The protection function is excellent. BettoWood's composite wpc guardrail is not only waterproof, moisture-proof, non-corrosive, but also fire-proof. The fireproof grade is Bf1-S1, which is the highest standard in the wood-plastic composite industry. BettoWood's composite wpc guardrail is easy to install, beautiful and generous, with a wide selection of colors. You can choose from 12 colors including pure white, Tan, gray and walnut color.

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  • Why are composite wpc pergola so popular?

    Date:2019-08-06 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Green environmental protection is a concept advocated by everyone in today's society. Whether it is any product, people will measure whether it is harmful to the environment or harmful to human body before choosing it. These are places that people are paying more and more attention to. Composite wpc material is a new word for many people. But its role can surprise many people. As an energy-saving composite material, wpc combines all functions of wood and plastics, and its performance is much better than that of wood and plastics. Composite wpc material can be processed, synthesized and backlogged to produce many different types of products. Composite wpc pergola is a representative.

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  • What are the factors that determine the price of composite wpc decking?

    Date:2019-08-06 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    It is mentioned that Composite wpc decking plays a very important role in our home decoration life, because it is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, non-polluting, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, moisture-proof, fire-resistant. These features serve the public home decoration life more better. For the price of Composite wpc decking that the public is concerned about, today we will give you a detailed introduction to the factors affecting the price.

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  • Choose the best outdoor ASA coextruded wood floor to enjoy the pleasant outdoor life

    Date:2019-07-31 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Now you can have a product which is superior to the traditional outdoor floor in quality, durable weather, rich color and beautiful wood texture. It has not only stable structure, but also strong aesthetic and lasting experience. Weatherability and light fastness are 5-10 times of the same kind of products.Here is some reasons for choosing high-end BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood.

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  • The Application Field of WPC Integrated Housing is Expanding

    Date:2019-07-23 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    the construction of simple or temporary houses with wpc materials can give full play to their strengths. It can build temporary houses for earthquake relief, sales kiosks, post kiosks, temporary workshops, mobile toilets, beach and swimming pool dressing rooms or tool rooms, and military field activities rooms.

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  • Whats the disadvantage of HDPE WPC wall panel ?

    Date:2019-07-17 Author:Dongguan BettoWood New Material Tech. Co., Ltd.

    Why is pvc co-extruded wpc wall panel is better than conventional HDPE WPC wall panel? Let's see the following disadvantage of HDPE WPC wall panel.

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  • PVC-ASA Double Co-extrusion WPC Decking

    Date:2019-06-26 Author:东莞市百妥木新材料科技有限公司

    Bettowood PVC-ASA WPC Decking uses the state-of-the-art PVC-ASA Double Co-Extrusion Technology by natural wood power+plastic+additives under high-temperature,surrounded by tough and strong capped layer to protect WPC decking from water,moisture,insect,UV,fire,heavy load and bad weather condition impect,it has natural wood texture,wood touch and wood color,which looks like the real wood, better performance than the real wood.

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  • BETTOWOOD new arrival outdoor wpc lattice railing in Vanke

    Date:2019-05-22 Author:BETTOWOOD NEW MATERIAL TECH. CO., LTD.

    BETTOWOOD new arrival outdoor co-extruded wpc lattice railling is recognized by Vanke

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  • Methods and precautions for installation of WPC floor

    Date:2019-02-28 Author:Author: Dongguan baitoumu new material technology co., LTD.

    When decorating garden, friends will have doubt how to install WPC floor, Here are the Methods and precautions for installation of WPC floor

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