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Choose the best outdoor ASA coextruded wood floor to enjoy the pleasant outdoor life

Source:东莞市百妥木新材料科技有限公司 Published:2019-07-31

Choose the best outdoor ASA coextruded wood floor to enjoy the pleasant outdoor life
As we all know, the traditional wooden outdoor floor has to be painted several times before it is finished. The working hours are so long and not environmentally friendly.The later maintenance work is also very cumbersome. Contractors and owners who have done garden and yard construction know that with the passage of time, wooden outdoor floors will soon fade, age, fracture and decay due to various factors such as climate, temperature difference, insects, fungi and so on. This is especially obvious in humid areas, where service life is greatly shortened.
Most wood-plastic floor products that pursue low cost will also have the same problem in 2-3 years.
Now you can have a product which is superior to the traditional outdoor floor in quality, durable weather, rich color and beautiful wood texture. It has not only stable structure, but also strong aesthetic and lasting experience. Weatherability and light fastness are 5-10 times of the same kind of products.

Reasons for choosing high-end BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood:
1. Quality assurance:
In the past 20 years, we have continuously made scientific and technological innovations and obtained 19 national invention patents. Our products have passed the inspection of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, especially the core preparation technology of ASA co-extrusion with international frontier innovative technology, which has been awarded national patents.
BettoWood people promise to strictly control the quality of raw materials and finished products from the beginning to the warehouse level, and deliver every qualified BettoWood product to your hands.
2. No maintenance and long service life:
Compared with the traditional wooden outdoor floor, BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood floor has the greatest advantage of non-fading and no maintenance during use.
You no longer need to polish and brush wood wax oil for the pavement and terrace floor every year, nor need to do professional maintenance for the floor antiseptics. This means that gardens and gardens are easier to maintain and more economical. And we will have more time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the beautiful life.
3. Safety can be fully guaranteed:
Compared with all traditional wooden outdoor floors, the biggest advantage of BettoWood ASA co-extrusion is that it will not bend and rot like traditional wooden outdoor floors, nor will it produce wood thorns because of cracking. You can feel the sunshine on the terrace barefoot, and your baby can play on the terrace.
BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood surface application of high-tech technology, anti-skid performance is very high, even if you just finished swimming or bathing on the terrace, BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood products have super anti-skid performance, so that you feel safer and more confident.
4. From beginning to end, beautiful as ever:
If you haven't known about BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood products, you must know about them. BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood products adopt aerospace technology and introduce the world's most advanced two-machine co-extrusion technology. They are formed at one time, have strong wood texture and stable molecular structure. Under various natural environments, they have strong weather resistance, high ultraviolet resistance and high wear resistance. Visually speaking, ASA wears a layer of armor for WPC wood sculpture. BettoWood ASA co-extrusion wood fundamentally solved the technical difficulties and shortboard pain points of common wood-plastic, anti-corrosion logs and other composite materials. BettoWood ASA Co-extrusion allows the outdoor floor to integrate the warmth and beauty of exotic natural hardwood. The three-dimensional texture design is exquisite and lifelike, and the texture is rich and varied, and the color is rich and gorgeous. BettoWood ASA Co-extrusion provides 20-year anti-fading quality assurance, which makes your garden trestle and terrace beautiful as before.
5. Whole-core wholeheartedly, unique patent formula, core material determines quality:
BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood outdoor floor, refuse to use recycled materials, must use disposable brand new raw materials, wholeheartedly serve you, so that you can use more comfortable and assured.
The core of co-extrusion technology is to improve the surface of outdoor floor to achieve more durable service life and color stability. The quality of floor core is the most important factor to determine the performance of wood-plastic outdoor floor.
BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood outdoor floor adopts unique patent formula, which makes the performance of modified PVC particles and bamboo and wood fibers achieve perfect combination and balance, and fully integrate, so that the floor core material has better strength, toughness and the ability to resist harsh climatic environment.
6. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development
BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood outdoor floor is an environmental protection product. By co-extrusion of modified PVC particles and bamboo and wood fibers, there is no need to cut down a large number of wood. Of course, the production of BettoWood ASA co-extrusion outdoor floor does not need to add any toxic ingredients; while the traditional outdoor floor of solid wood requires a large number of deforestation, and needs toxic chemicals to maintain its anti-corrosion performance.
Therefore, it is safe and environmentally friendly to choose BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood outdoor floor, which gives you reason to be proud that it protects not only your family, but also nature!
7. Professional and trustworthy landscape pavement and terrace floor experts:
BettoWood Technology (high-end ASA co-extrusion) will provide you with all-round intimate services, simple and clear information and suggestions to help you make the most suitable and unique outdoor space.
8. Simple installation to realize your DIY dream:
BettoWood ASA co-extruded wood outdoor floor is the best choice to realize DIY dream. BettoWood Science and Technology can provide a complete installation design guide, and you can also go through to www.bettowood.com to find more practical application cases.

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