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12 FAQ for wood plastic composite

Source:东莞市百妥木新材料科技有限公司 Published:2019-07-30

1. What is the difference between wood-plastic and plastic wood?
Unlike plastic wood, which is made of 100% plastic, wood plastic is made of plastic and sawdust in a ratio of approximately 1:1. Because of the composition of natural fibers, wood plastic has better UV resistance, lower thermal expansion and contraction properties, and is as easy to process as wood.
2. What is the service life of wood-plastic profiles?
According to foreign information, the life of wood plastic under normal conditions can reach 25 years.
3. How long is the service life of wood-plastic outdoors?
Wood plastics are widely used outdoors, and most of them are used in crowded public places, always subject to the test of human flow and environment. In this high-density situation, the life of wood plastics can reach 5 years. When used in private places or areas with less human flow, the life of wood plastics can reach 10 years.
4. Is wood plastic an environmentally friendly material? How to deal with waste wood plastic profiles? Will waste wood plastic cause pollution to the environment?
Wood plastic has multiple environmental significance. On the one hand, it consumes waste plastic and wood flour which will pollute the environment. On the other hand, it can effectively replace the use of wood outdoors, thus saving a lot of valuable natural resources. Because it does not contain any toxic ingredients, it can be treated as other ordinary building wastes without causing any pollution to the environment. It can be recycled.
5. How about the weight of wood sculpture compared with ordinary wood?
Compared with general wood, wood-plastic ratio is much more important, usually more than 1.1, while the proportion of general wood is 0.4-0.7, even if the proportion of hardwood is larger, the proportion is only about 1.0. So wood sculpture is much heavier in the same volume.
6. How to process wood and plastic? Do you need special tools?
Wood sculpture is as easy to process as wood, and even easier in some ways. Only ordinary wood processing tools can be used to cut and drill wood plastic.
7. What type of screw is suitable for wood-plastic profiles?
It is recommended to use high-quality screw such as stainless steel, hot-dip galvanized, especially screw with thread, which will help to increase the screw grip force
8. Can wood-plastic profiles be used as structural parts?
May not. Common wood-plastic profiles have high strength and toughness, but they do not have the same rigidity as wood, so they can not be used as structural parts. However, the modified glass fiber reinforced wood-plastic has high rigidity and can be used for structural parts.
9. Is the water absorption rate of wood-plastic high?
Because the natural fibers such as wood fibers are surrounded by a plastic layer, the water absorption rate of wood-plastic is very low. It is suitable for waterfront landscape.
10. Does low temperature weather affect wood sculpture?
Wood plastics still perform well even in low temperature weather. However, because plastic accounts for more than 50% of wood plastics, it is difficult to drill in extremely low temperature weather because of hardening. In this case, we recommend pre-drilling.
11. Does the hot climate affect wood sculpture?
Appropriate spacing and end-to-end, edge-to-edge voids are designed to counteract the effects of high temperature on wood moulding. When the temperature rises, the toughness of wood plastic will increase, and there will be a slight expansion. Please consult the sales staff before installation.
12. How to maintain and maintain wood sculpture?
Even in the outdoor wind and sunshine, wood plastic will not rot, crack or crack, in addition to the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, is maintenance-free.

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