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What are the main points for attention in installing plastic-wood guardrail?

Source:东莞市百妥木新材料科技有限公司 Published:2019-08-02

Although plastic wood guardrail is more diversified in shape, but no matter how the installation requirements are,  the selection of plastic wood guardrail must be durable and strong. So personal safety is a prerequisite, while plastic-wood guardrail color and style can allow customers to choose a number of options.
Full protection is a prerequisite, and although the color and style of Plastic-wood guardrail can allow customers to choose a number of options, but the safety of the performance can better ensure that consumers are at ease with the choice. At present, the whole market of Plastic-wood fence is still chaotic, which reminds consumers to choose carefully, effectively and reasonably to select and install plastic-wood fence, in order to create a safe and beautiful home environment.

So what are the points of attention when installing Plastic-wood guardrails everyday?

First, we can assemble the plastic-wood guardrail on the ground first. During the installation process, we should ensure that the surface of the plastic-wood guardrail is not harmed, because the installation environment is special, it is better to protect the installation environment accordingly. The strength of the plastic-wood guardrail installation is the longest and most important, but because it is used outdoors, so the appearance is better. Requirements can not be ignored, there is also the location of the screw installation, try not to expose directly, to ensure the beauty of the entire card is also an important manifestation of improving the overall image of Plastic-wood fence.
2. If consumers need radian design for the installation of Plastic-wood guardrail, the merchants should calculate the radian of tenons at the angle of production, and consider the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction when installing tenons, so as to ensure that there is enough space for expansion and contraction in the process of using Plastic-wood guardrail after installation, and glue is the best choice when installing outer caps. Fixed, if there is radian requirement of Plastic-wood guardrail, to ensure that the transition is uniform and reasonable.
3. When the column of plastic guardrail is installed with the buried connection of road, it is better to choose the way of steel plate embedded directly in concrete, but at the bottom of the column, the steel plate should be welded directly with the embedded steel plate, or be firmly installed with bolts; Plastic-wood guardrail should be installed in style or style. The specifications must be closely linked with the span. If the length of the plastic-wood guardrail exceeds 300 meters, it is better to design the pillar bolt to prevent deformation.

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