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There are 6 common problems with wood plastic material, but most people dont know one!

Source:东莞市百妥木新材料科技有限公司 Published:2019-07-29

Wood-plastic composites are also called as plastic wood, environmental wood, science and technology wood, recycled wood, plastic wood or polywood at home and abroad. They are commonly known as WPC in the industry.

1. What is wood-plastic composite? Where is the wood-plastic composite material used?
Wood plastic is a building material that is extruded from plastic and wood fibers in a certain proportion. Due to its waterproof and anti-corrosive properties and wood texture, it has become an outdoor building material (floor, fence, chairs and stools or seaside landscapes, etc.).
2.What are the colors of wood-plastic composite materials, do we need paint?
Unlike wood, wood-plastic can have a variety of colors to choose from without the need for paint (sometimes different colors can affect the price). And because of the special molding process of wood plastic, it does not have the problem of color loss.
3. Will wood plastic fade?
Some are. If it is ordinary PE plastic wood, the plastic wood exposed to sunlight and humid environment will have slight fading after 10~12 weeks; if it is BettoWood PVC co-extruded micro-foaming plastic wood, it will still maintain 80 points for 10 years. the above.
4. Is wood-plastic easier to burn than wood?
Traditional wood-plastic profiles are Class C building materials with similar combustion conditions to wood. BettoWood PVC co-extruded micro-foaming plastic wood is B1 flame retardant, self-extinguishing from fire.
5. Does plastic wood need quarantine when export to overseas market? Do you need fumigation? Do we need special documentation?
No. Unlike natural wood, due to the special craftsmanship and formula of wood-plastic, it is a fumigation-free product when export and does not require any special documentation.
6. Is wood plastic made of recycled materials?
PE/ PP or PS wood plastic is processed from natural plastic fiber such as recycled plastic and waste wood chips or rice bran. BettoWood is made from new resin and fine wood powder fiber.

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